Introducing our new brand.

For 45 years, you’ve known us as Tourism Saskatoon.

We are proud of our brand’s legacy, but as both tourism and Saskatoon evolve, it’s time we do, too.

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves: we are Discover Saskatoon.

Why rebrand?

Our brand identity includes a new name, logo, colours, symbols, and font designed to unify, differentiate, and inspire. Despite these changes, our mandate remains the same: we serve our community and our partners by telling the stories of Saskatoon and promoting our city on national and global stages.

We’ve given considerable thought to this process. More than two years of community conversations have helped to shape our transformation; about who we are and how best to celebrate our people, this land, and the essence of Saskatoon.

This is a brand that was created for our community and our partners.

Our rebrand is about more than looks. It’s an invitation to discover, to delight in the sights and sounds of Saskatoon that make it such a wonderful place to visit, live, work, study, and play.

The future of tourism is kinship and connection

Whether you are local to the region or visiting from afar, at the heart of the Saskatoon experience is kinship and connection—connection to self, to each other, to the land, and to community.

Together, we inspire visitation and drive economic development by creating meaningful connections through business, sporting events, leisure activities, and lasting memories. The stories of this city deserve to be told, and it is our responsibility to do so in ways that are intentional, inclusive, and authentically Saskatoon.

Discover Saskatoon is in itself an invitation to move towards a more connected, welcoming world.

Two women walking in front of the Remai art gallery

Our Brand Identity

The act of discovery is central to the way we work and our way of life. You’ll find it in all aspects of our new brand.


Our logo was purposefully created to reflect the spirit of Treaty 6. The icon, wordmark, and Cree syllabics honour our commitment to restoration, regeneration, and reconciliation.

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Created by local artist Christine Marie, a woman of Métis and Filipino roots, our new icon is a visual reminder that we are all treaty people, crossing bridges together in the land of the living skies. 

“Establishing and building relationships helps us get one step closer to reconciliation. This is why I wanted to create this logo with the handshake as the foundation—treaties were signed and sealed with a handshake.”
— Christine Marie


Our wordmark is an invitation to discover and experience Saskatoon. A playful blend of upper and lowercase letters represents the unexpected surprises that often accompany discovery. 

Cree Syllabics

As an organization, we are accountable to both the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action. Our accountabilities reflect in both our brand and our actions. 

Working closely with the seven Chiefs and Tribal Chief of the Saskatoon Tribal Council, we sought and received consent to incorporate the Cree syllabics for “discovery.” Cree is the most widely spoken Indigenous language in our region, but it is not the only one: in reaffirming our relations with Indigenous peoples, we acknowledge these lands are also the traditional hunting grounds of the Métis, and a gathering place for both Dakota and Nakota Sioux.  

These syllabics invite locals and visitors to place themselves in this traditional territory.

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Our Brand Symbols

Our brand identity includes 10 symbols that draw inspiration from the cultures, spaces, structures, landscapes, and people in our city. From wheat and riverside buildings to bridges, tipis, and the Métis sash, each symbol is significant in its own right, working together to create a system that is characteristically Saskatoon.

Our Typography

Our primary typeface is Niveau Grotesk. Representative of our people, the font is accessible yet expressive, playful yet professional, and soft yet bold. 

We invite you to join us in discovering and celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of Saskatoon.

The impact of this new brand comes from its activation. Discover Saskatoon isn’t just a logo—it’s an invitation.

The stronger the destination brand, the more local businesses and our economy benefit.

With your support and by adopting elements of Discover Saskatoon, we can share Saskatoon’s stories with the world, creating a cohesive, consistent, and captivating experience for those who spend time here.

Resources available from Discover Saskatoon

If you’d like to use the Discover Saskatoon or logo, we can provide high resolution images.


We have a large gallery of images that illustrate many of Saskatoon’s brand attributes, as well as a great selection city shots ready for use in your marketing.

Written Content

The staff at Tourism Saskatoon can provide a variety of sample copy you can use as a guide to create your own content.


We have a collection of articles that your business can link to for added promotion.


We have produced a number of radio spots that utilize the Saskatoon destination brand. Contact us for more information.

We’re here to help.

For questions about Discover Saskatoon, please contact Shanda Doerksen (Manager, Marketing and Communications) at

Download our Brand Style Guide and Brand Kit